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Digital Media Agency

MORF is a creative agency ran by 3 digital media experts. With a fresh perspective of the digital landscape, we design and build websites for every kind of business. Our 3 core disciplines are Graphic Design, Web Development and Media Production. To see what other services we offer, check out our website!

Forex & Investments

Forex & Investments
Money Management

In todays age, having a single form of income just isn't smart. That's why you need to make your money work for you! Trading on the foreign exchange market is one way to do just that. Partner that with some clever passive investing and you can make sure your money is always giving back.

Forex & Investments
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Experts In Motivational Artwork

Artivation is a joint effort of two young entreprenuers who truly understand the importance of shaping your environment to optimise performance and inspire great work. With various options of materials and finishes, you can find a great range of motivational artworks at an affordable price. Check out our website to explore our designs!

Forex & Investments

Personal Development
Master Your Mind

  • Discovering your true values
  • Empowering your mind, body & soul
  • Understand your purpose
  • Learn real methods to improve your life

Personal Development course coming soon!
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Personal Development - Lightbulb

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Connor Ferry

Connor is a Teacher, Investor and Entrepreneur based in Bournemouth, UK.

He specialises in digital media, running a successful creative agency helping business thrive through web and media.

Personal development is also a key part of Connor's day to day. An important part of mastering your craft is mastering your mind.

Connor Ferry